Monday, 28 February 2011


It is the last day of February. This is a shame. My aunt,when she was a child, had a real problem with 28th February being followed by the 1st March. 

She was six when she realised something was wrong with her birthday, but she ignored the fact that the calendar seemed to be wrong . 

She was eight when the first smart-child told her she was two. 

Later on, she complained about her dilemma a lot less... she was aging remarkably slowly and she pointed this out to the same group of friends. :D

On the last day of February:

  • I coached my son through the difficult, but necessary, blood test. Persuaded him to allow a nurse to draw three of the four vials of blood.
  • Dealt with the pain when he pulled the needle out.
  • Went to the park to look for signs of spring amongst the uniform grey of the persistent rain
  • Bought the cutest tiny pink shoes for a friend's new baby
  • Read through ENCOUNTERS with two new Betas
  • Am amazed by how much you see with other people reading with you - and that different people see such different things
March is such a muddled month - all mud and promises - I'm looking forward to APRIL when I am Blogging-around-the-Alphabet - I have a plan :D


  1. It seems February went by so quickly! I can't wait for spring though. Have a great day!

  2. This is such a short month. Who would think that the loss of 2 days would make such a huge difference LOL?

  3. Hi Summer
    The teeny-tiny month has squeeezed out its last day :D

    Hi Karen
    February has raced by - unlike the clouds - warm and wet ;)

  4. I've always wondered what it'd be like to be a Leap Year baby...

    Hope everything is going well for you :)

  5. As much as I hate it when time flys by, I am looking forward to spring. We are having a mini snow storm here today :(

  6. Hi Lexcade
    My aunt wasn't a big fan of leap-year-dom. She felt she missed out on the authentic Birthday experience - her Mum asked her to pick 28th or 1st three years in four. :)

    Hi Wendy
    Just when I thought it was grim end of spring , the forecast was for sleet in high places, even this far south.

  7. I hate February and I feel sorry for people who have birthdays in February. I can't wait to get to March and am positively counting down the hours. This week looks to be spring-like and I am hopeful that we will see days where I could actually break out the shorts! We could see a blizzard too, no doubt but the next day could be 75!

  8. Hi Danette
    Blizzards? OMG - I've been complaining about rain and endless grey days.

  9. Yes.but good to get paid on thr 28th!!

  10. Good point Kathryn - yipee for your early money :D