Monday 21 February 2011


When I read the word - the blade is all see.
I find it odd that Challenge #1 unlocked the words that had been simmering away inside.

In 300 words or less, tell us - 
(a) one secret 
(b) one lie 
(c) one interesting quirk 
(d) one annoying habit 
(e) one of your best character traits, and 
(f) one of your favourite things in the whole world. 
AND include the following words - bloviate, fuliguline, rabbit, and blade.

I have squinted, like a rabbit with a nervous tick, all week when reading around other blogs. What I am about to write is going to sound like the biggest piece of bloviation but I guess I thought you'd like to know how I've been feeling.  (a) The subject I studied, in depth, at University, was (English, European and World) Medieval History. (b) I hold a masters degree in the subject. (c) My ability to empathise with others is highly evolved. (d) I see shades of grey in every argument but things tend to condense down polar views. (e) My need to see fairplay and justice is passionate-in-the-extreme. (f) My favourite thing in the whole world is tolerance. If the group to which the challenge belongs had selected a fuliguline theme I would have signed up in a heart beat but I cannot see the word "crusade" in any context that is positive. That doesn't mean I don't see that to others it is a benign word. To me, the word is multi-layered and powerful. 


  1. So which one is your lie? hmmmm...I am not sure I can figure it out. And part of the reason is that I am too distracted by your final sentence. The word "crusade" is not benign for me either and for me it has many negative connotations. I understand that others will not feel this way, I just do.

  2. Oh my goodness. I can't guess either.

  3. Hi Danette
    There are clues provided. :)

    Hi Al
    There is only one lie. That was the deal.

  4. I was too scared to attempt this challenge. You did a good job. um...the master's degree thing? is that the lie?

  5. Hi Charmaine

    Hi Diana
    Thanks. It was the lie. The clue was in the lettering :)