Thursday, 3 February 2011


Lauren Smith - no relation - but obviously a talented Blogger - has found, and shared, some of the fantastic posters produced to bring the plight of the library service to everyone's attention.
As I posted back in January, SATURDAY 5th FEBRUARY is the national day of action against library cuts and closures across the UK. A staggering 400 branches are under threat of closure.
With my profound thanks to Lauren for her hard work, I have brought her poster collection here. I guess we both hope they can be circulated and used to bring more people to the Library Day of Action. If you are lucky and your library service is unaffected, you could show your appreciation to the library nearest you - they'll still be happy to see you on Saturday 5th February.
The next one made me laugh out loud; it is the creation of John Kirriemuir. Lauren points out that there are  very reasonable conditions of re-use and a range of image sizes, on his site.
The final selection, Lauren found  on Tumblr.

Lauren is one talented Blogger! When I tried to get more than one video to post from Youtube I almost got to the flopping around the carpet and wailing stage.

On Saturday, my Min is home from Uni, she thinks we are going to tear the heart out of charity shops and tweak that off with the more painful eyebrow threading - little does she know I have a library to invade instead ;)


  1. Ellie, I highly respect our libraries here in the US, and I'm afraid with this digital book revolution, libraries all over the world will suffer. I hope to support our own local library now that we've settled into our new town.

    Also, here is what Jack Eason posted on my blog re: Onet's Tale--
    Akhen1khan2 aka Jack Eason said...
    Hi Elaine,
    You can read page one, but unfortunately not on Instead log on to in the States where they have the "read inside" system set up for people curious to read the first few pages. Failing that, you can download a sample if you use Kindle, both here in the UK and elsewhere.

    Hope that helps you Elaine
    February 3, 2011 1:05 AM

  2. Wow, I'm going to have to snag a graphic to use on my blog to promote Saturday I think. Thanks a ton, I had no idea it was Visit a Library Day!

  3. I have been posting things about the library as frequently as possible. On Jan 23 I posted a story from the Guardian UK showing how one community was checking out every book in the library to keep the library from being closed. I am doing it to try and get people here to recognize it's not just a problem there, we need to be active here. I am worried that we are going to lose something incredibly valuable and not realize it until it is too late. What worries me most are the kids who can't afford books let alone digital books (I was one of those kids!)
    I'm really glad for your blogging efforts on this issue! Keep it up!! I'll post something Saturday!

  4. Hi Mysti
    I'm glad you are supporting your library service. Many libraries have been promoting literacy in digital and hard copies. Younger people need the immediacy of real books even more than words on a screen. Although an approach involving both is, no doubt, inevitable.

    Hi Jack
    Thanks for your advice about logging onto Amazon US to read the first couple of pages. I need to try before I buy ;) Good luck with the novel; I wish you every success.

    Hi Lindsay
    Snag away! They are great posters. Celebrate the joy of tonnes of books with a limited cost. :)

    Hi Danette
    I noticed you had posted on the libraries situation too. We both, it sounds, owe a lot to the public library service. They may have to become multi-functional spaces, including coffee shops etc but we cannot let this wonderful, free-ish resource be lost to all children in the UK. Cheers, Elaine.

  5. They're cutting library book budgets down to zero around here; the only funding they'll get if those cuts are implemented is from the state. Thanks for spreading the word about this date!

    Love the images.

  6. Really glad you like the posters! I'm going to spend today printing away :)

    Don't know about being a talented blogger, I'm haphazard at best! But thanks *blush*


  7. Hi GE
    It is miserable; I'd have been a very different person if I hadn't discovered Jane Eyre when I was ten. The public library can make a difference.

    Hi Lauren
    I'm glad you found your way over - I added as many links as I could to send people over to your blog.
    I loved the posters - great to find so many excellent ones all together. Thanks. Elaine

  8. These are fantastic! Thank you so much for highlighting them. I hope the day gets libraries, and what they do for communities, back into the forefront again. They are such a wonderful resource.

  9. Hi Jayne
    My local library is due to open for almost 50% of its current hours. No action has been planned but I'm going to see how many picture books I can read in an hour :)