Monday 14 February 2011

Just Kiss Already - BONDED; don't you know? ;)

Christina Lee and Stina Lindenblatt have combined to create a formidable force and a kissing, fantastic blogfest, in honour of St Valentine's Day. It's never too late to share the love. If you want to spread a little love, here are the details: 

1. Sign up on Mr. Linky, below, or on Stina's blog.
2. On February 14th (Valentine's Day), post an excerpt from either your own work, or another's authors work you admire (give them credit, though), beginning at 7 am EST.
*But* make sure the excerpt is no longer than 250 words (it's tiring to read long excerpts). And if there's an intro to the scene, please, keep that short too!
Oh, and *don't forgot*, this is an actual KISSING SCENE! So go crazy :D
3. To make this *really simple*, we won't require you read everyone's entry (that's exhausting)! How about just 3-5 other entries?

I hope to get around all the scenes posted, but as Valentine's Day is also my wedding anniversary my other half has strong opinions about how much attention I need to share in his direction, today of all days ;) I'm all about balance.

This excerpt is hot off the press - taken from BONDED my SF romance

With the Hale of Khiphurdar destroyed by a chemical warfare, the Haft are doomed to fray. The invasion of Khiphurdar was overwhelmingly decisive. Rion, Thagne of Khiphudar, was captured, tortured, and exiled beyond the frame. 
Drained and abandoned in the most inhospitable environment, Rion is only a degree from fraying when he is rescued by Saffi Rand. 
Saffi is an empath, a magnet for any who are experiencing  emotional extremes, grown too sensitive to survive her gift and remain whole,  she withdraws from human contact. She is appointed to the Wardens of the Aggragate Hinterland
The pain that draws her through the arid, mountainous region is beyond any she has experienced but she cannot resist this attraction. 

Bathed in her luminous essence, Rion could not force himself to maintain his distance. Light and insubstantial, her touch imprisoned him. He gloried in the frisson of her esse.  This close, the protection offered by her serviceable cotton shirt and shorts faded from minimal to none. Fear that he could harm her fuelled his resistance but desire weakened his resolve. He curved to encompass the essence of her. Rion froze, moisture beaded on his brow, as Saffi's rock-roughened fingertips grazed the skin of his neck. His thoughts jumbled to incoherent pleasure when she splayed her fingers over the back of his head. The force she exerted was faint but the pressure he experienced was incalculable. 
Rion slid flat palms over her shoulders to the indentation of her lower back. He drew her forward until he was bathed in the flowing pulse of energy that ranged within her helios.  He gasped at the infusion. Saffi’s fingers clawed at his scalp. She jerked; closed the distance between them with instinctual speed and met his open mouth with hers. A lightning blast could not have shocked him more. When, wide-eyed, Saffi staggered back a pace, Rion touched his fingers to his lips and hers: he bridged the distance. Her hot breath, the comfort, the elastic tug and the soft give of her lip sent shivers of pleasure through him equal to the charge that sealed his bond. The contact allowed the synergy to flow, but Rion could not force himself to break away. 

Happy Valentine's Day.

Rough. Almost ready. I jumped ahead of the rescue I'm currently writing to a point, perhaps a third of the way into the story.


  1. Does them kissing eachother bond them forever? That's what you make it sound like! If so, that is VERY interesting!

  2. Esse: over all!

    The giving and receiving of esse, on his home world, is symbiotic. All Haft seek the perfection of their Shehale. Bonded is the blessedness of bliss.
    I think that makes the answer yes.
    BUT NOT YET for Rion and Saffi.

  3. You were right about the similarities of our excerpts! Wow.


  4. I wonder what the effects of this kiss will be for Saffi, if she has grown too sensitive to remain whole in the face of human pain. And if he was tortured, his pain must be severe.

    Intriguing and compelling! An empath and a tortured soul.

  5. I love the concept of bonding, nice scene too! Thanks for sharing and hope you're having a lovely Valentine's Day! ;-)

  6. That's quite the kiss. Happy anniversary.

  7. Rough but I like. It's a good tone that really shows the genre. It's different but I'm interested. Nice entry and happy anniversary. Go have fun with your other half, we can wait.

  8. Very nice! Always love a kiss that you can't tear yourself away from. :D

  9. Thank you :)
    Hi Justine
    I was a shock to see the plots echo like that ;)

    Hi Dianne
    A lot of pain and inequality to sort through :)

    Hi Donna
    Thank you :)

    Hi Talei
    Thank you. I had a lovely Valentine's Day although my head suggests I may be viewing everything with rosé-tinted glasses ;)

    Hi Patti
    Thank you :)

    Hi Dawn
    It was Rion's voice. I'm working on making him regal, stand-offish and pained ;)

    Hi Stina
    Especially kisses you never should have started in the first place ;)

  10. Wowza! hot, hot, hot! I love that it's the woman producing the sparks! Nice job! Dare to Follow Your Heart

  11. That was intense. So much more than a mere kiss...the whole synergy thing took it to another level.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  12. Happy Anniversary. Shivers of pleasure! Very evocative :O)

  13. This kiss is alive with so much energy. Very vivid description as well, I felt tugged into the moment. Love it!

  14. Hi HRH Samantha
    The sizzle set Saffi back on her heels - hopefully not for long ;)

    Hi Raquel
    Rion will put all the vampires to shame :)

    Hi Madeleine
    Thank you - it was a good Valinversay! :D Glad the shivers struck a nerve ;)

    Hi Lindz
    Glad you felt the pulse of the energy too ;)

  15. Cool premise. Love the idea of her talents bringing a whole new level to their intimacy.

  16. Hi Jennifer
    That and his essential need :)

  17. Hi Christina
    Good intense or bad intense? Is it just that it reads as dense?

  18. I hope you had a great anniversary. I had the same question as Melissa, so I'm glad you answered it. Really intriguing.

  19. Happy anniversary Elaine! (for yesterday)

    Love is truly the universal language - any culture, any world! I loved how the esse creates a whole new dimension to the kiss ... kiss double plus! We really felt the desire and the urgency in your writing. Great stuff


  20. Hi Wendy
    Thanks for dropping by on your big day! Congratulations on landing your agent :D

    Hi Dom
    Thank you. *grins with a faint blush topping
    Esse: over all.
    Who needs vampires when they can have The Frayed? ;)

  21. I know I'm late, but holy crap that was hot! And this is the second excerpt I've seen with the name Rion and I freaking LOVE it!! Good job!

  22. Hi Tracy
    I like how much you like this ;)