Saturday, 4 December 2010


The 10 things to remind yourself, daily:

1 You are a writer
2 You are not Dan, JK or Stephenie, you are a totally new talent
3 You balance your life, you can and you will find a way to balance a new challenge too
4 Writing is a joy.
5 Follow your passion, write what you love.
6 You have the same power as a supreme being. You are creating people and the world they inhabit, relax your consciousness and image it
7 Forget the fear – enjoy the experience
8 Revel in feeling:  highs, lows and every graduation in between.
9 Be duck-like – envy has to flow over your back while you quack at other's successes
10 Every day is a new opportunity  

You are a writer, you will it to be.

My inspiration for this was Audrone Wippich and Phil Brattain's 9 Steps to Perfection 


  1. *sigh*

    Thanx, I needed that.

  2. Love it. #5 is my favourite! :)

  3. I love number 2. I try to remind myself all the time to remember to be what I need to be and not what I already see. But I need to remember number 7. Number 7 is the one I need to paste on my mirror, to write on my hand, to stencil on the bottom of my coffee cup.

    It helps to know I'm not the only one struggling with the fear of doing something I love:)

  4. Hi Tessa
    *sending you support :)
    Good luck with your writing.

    Hi Jemi
    You just have to love it, to dedicate so much of yourself to it. :)

    Hi JD
    There is so much to enjoy about the experience but writers' fears come in nasty, creeping legions.

  5. Hi Crystal
    Everyone needs to re-charge their belief, regularly. ;)

  6. 4 and 5. I MUST remember these. Thanks Elaine. Not quite as nummy as Jake but worth the read as usual.

  7. Good to affirm oneself, though if I do wake up as JK one morning, I will not complain.

  8. Hi Anne
    I wanted to get Colin Firth in today's picture but he Austen isn't quite Dickens. ;)

    Hi John
    I hadn't thought of it that way. I'd have no problem with the out-of-body-exchage JK might find it a challenge. ;)