Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Charles Dickens' is joining in the Be Jolly Blogfest ;)
The Dickens’ family has a few Christmas customs we enjoy, each year, at 48 Doughty Street, London. As you can see, we deck the rooms with greenery and cover the tables with decorations or china ornaments and novelty items. The new Christmas crackers have proved to be very popular, with all generations of the family. At Christmas time, we especially enjoy card games and share a few hands, with our friends. Lastly, we gather to sing Christmas carols together. 
Our seasonal drink-of-choice is mulled wine. I know it's a little old fashioned, but that is how we like it here.
Our treat is harder to narrow down to one: mince pies or a steaming Christmas pudding: both are delicious and best enjoyed at this festive time of year.
No; really:
There is a Museum in London open on Christmas Day but this was not a case of: We always open on Saturday; what do you mean it’s Christmas Day?
After researching though his work, the organisers identified the Dickens’ family’s Christmas customs.The rooms have been decorated. Best of all, the museum will have classic movie versions of A Christmas Carol running throughout the day. Visitors will also be able to listen to readings of his most famous – ly appropriate – work. ;)
The museum is in Bloomsbury, just north of Holborn in London. The admission includes entry to a complimentary Christmas delicatessen, a gift pack, access to the Christmas exhibition and special events.
This is such a great idea; Dickens and Christmas go together like hot chocolate and iced cookies - I've seen the evidence on lots of Blogs ;) There are more details about the Christmas Event at the Dickens Museum website.
Merry Christmas.


  1. How neat! Thanks for posting this, very clever idea!

  2. Cool! It's neat to go back in time and see how things were done back then.

  3. Hi Summer
    I was shocked when I realised the museum was open but, I guess, he is the founder of the traditional White Christmas so what better dare to share Dickens' work. ;)

    Hi Clarissa
    I think it is amazing to see how little has really changed. :)

  4. A lot of people signed up to do that blogfest. So, it may take awhile. I jumped over because you stopped by mine. I love the decorations.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  5. very cool information - thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Hi Nancy
    Thanks for stopping by. It took an age to get around all the Blog entries. I'm going back around those who hadn't posted during my first circuit ;)

    Hi Jemi
    I thought it was a lovely idea - opening the Dickens' Museum of Christmas Day.