Sunday, 18 July 2010

G&T @@ JD and me

Have you played with the site that analyses your writing? 

Twitter's Guy Kawaski at Alltop provided the link.

It is called I Write Like.

This was the quickest piece of analysis I have ever done. It was a lot of fun too.

"Want to know who you write like? You can go to I Write Like, paste in a sample of your writing, and find out.  The site has analyzed approximately 1.5 million samples of text already. The creator of the site, Dmitry Chestnykh, explains how it works." etc
I got side tracked by my results.
I write like JD Salinger!
That will do for me.
Me and JD are like -x- that now.  :-) 


  1. How awesome! I had many, many authors come up in all the samples I analyzed, but J.D. Salinger didn't come up once.

  2. We've been having a lot of fun with this over on my blog, too. A lot of us are finding we write like David Foster Wallace, and we've never read David Foster Wallace. Nathan Bransford and I found our current work is like James Joyce. Nathan thinks it may just be a random author-name generator, but it sure is fun.

  3. It is a fun site. :)

    Apparently on my blog I write like Margaret Atwood. In my ms, I write like Stephen King. :) Lots of fun!