Thursday 29 July 2010


Thursday's dedicated to saying Thank You because politeness seems to be a dying art, and I like my art vibrant.

After nearly a year and a half of writing this Blog, I figure thanks are in order. I have learned so much from the advice, and support, offered by the individuals who have taken time from their writing, those who have been kind enough to comment here.

The first ever commenter on my Blog was Steve Feasey, author of the Changeling Series. We share mutual friends and a love of werewolves. I met him for the first time signing his brand new (first) book in Borders, Watford - a new author, still holding down the day job. These days he is working on the last of the series and the new project. Changeling is already out in the US and New Moon is coming out soon. Steve writes novels that straddle the MG/YA barrier; books with plenty of paranormal action. He has a unique voice. My first vote of thanks goes to Steve Feasey.

The second commenter was Angela Ackerman. Her Blog The Book Shelf Muse is an amazingly useful resource. If you are stuck for the right word or reference, or you need writing inspiration, then I recommend you head over and check out her prolific and informative posts.

The third commenter was Karen Amanda Hooper who is just the kindest, most supportive Blogging friend a person could have. Gentle, quirky and full of contemplative insights: my favourite, below, illustrates her humour and her humility:

The odds of getting published? I might as well take up a career in getting struck by lightening.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the kind people who have clicked on the Follow button here. To quote the mighty Spartan, King Lycurgus: You're a brick! (In case anyone thinks this is an insult - oh no! - big compliment!)

I would also like to thank the authors of the many blogs I may have visited once (I like to click on the forward button at the top of the page just to see who turns up), occasionally (the ones that have posted when I have had only minutes to catch up) or often – there are a few blogs I miss if I can't read, daily. ;)

On that subject, my final vote of thanks goes to Nathan Bransford, for being so damned riveting I learned how to uncloak and comment at all.

As Karen asked: "What are the odds of getting published?"
Titchy, whichy? Teen-y weeny? Tiny, whiney? Or, just small!

Who would you like to say thank you to?


  1. What a sweet post! I love your blog and always enjoy my visits here. Keep doing what you're doing!!

    ((hugs)) Nicole

  2. Wow, there are so many people to thank! Most of all my husband, who encouraged me to go for my writing dream! And all my wonderful blog buddies... and on and on.

  3. Nicole *blushes Thanks for the thought. :)

    Hi Talli
    Partners deserve medals, when writing makes us part-ners.

  4. Nice post Elaine :)

    Love the lightning phrase!

  5. Hi Jemi
    It is true: Karen Amanda Hooper has quite the way with words!

  6. You're welcome...and right back atcha!! :)

  7. I'd say thank you to Holly, a friend who pointed me toward blogging and gave me the confidence to do it and Jessie, my first commenter and is now part of my beta readers.

  8. Hi Patti
    Everyone needs friends like Holly and Jessie!
    Especially Jessie; can't think why! ;)

  9. This was a very sweet post. That was a nice line about the lightning.

  10. Dominique
    Karen Amanda Hooper is the author of the phrases-about-careers-in-lightning-conducting-for wanna-be-authors entitled AWE-STRUCK.

  11. Lots of people, but mostly my little girl, and she doesn't get why I am thanking her yet - one day :)

    Lovely post

  12. AMW
    I do understand the need to thank our daughters. Mine is, in equal parts, inspiration and exasperation!