Friday, 23 July 2010


My first Free-Friday word is free-falling.

School broke up. But, I finished.

For about ten seconds it seemed that gravity had multiplied and I was falling. Fourteen months of freedom was a long way down.
In my school life, everything I knew could be benchmarked and quantified, checked off on lists and, what was more, it all fitted so neatly into a timetable.

There is so much freedom it is making my head hurt to think about it. 
All I can say on the subject is, “Weeeeeeeee!”


  1. Fourteen months, weeeeeeee!

    Have fun.

  2. LOL, this was fun. I like free-falling.


  3. I recommend it! The sense of freedom is liberating. The experience is, apparently, tax-deductible when working as a freelance writer.
    I have been creating a list of experiences I will have to try out before I write them for any of my characters!