Friday, 2 July 2010

USURY: a YA paranormal romance

My new paranormal romance is some way off finished. It so far away that you could say it has only just been started.  ; )  

I have done the planning: start, middle, end and twist. The writing is lagging behind. If I was to pitch it on a scale of 1:10 I have reached 0.01. That doesn't sound super encouraging when you do the Maths. But, it is a great feeling.

Will is still being impersonated by Rupert. I keep looking for alternative sad red-haired boys, maybe I don't look too hard.

Seventeen-year-old Will pays for being born. His life will only be his when he repays the debt with the blood of the enemy. He just can't live without the price he must pay.



Heat lashed through him. When his jaw jarred open, oxygen flooded his lungs. Every cell in his body screamed. His legs were rigid and arms locked as he convulsed. Unimaginable pain was his reality.
            When the cold granite ripped the skin from Wyll’s heels, he registered this pain amongst the agony. The next phase began. He clawed upwards, curved his fingers around the upper edge of the stone sarcophagus. With slashing suddenness the stabbing pain made his body strain against the laws that governed nature, once again. His bowed back cracked. Only the grind of bone-on-bone grated through the cavern, until a loud thump disturbed the stillness. An intermittent double beat played out an uneven rhythm.

WARNING: This book is slipstream paranormal. No feathers, fur, fangs or claws will be expended in the making of this novel.

PAGES:  2/200
WORDS:  780


  1. Great premise. Intense beginning. I love "Kingdom of the Strange". Not "Usury" so much because it doesn't say "paranormal romance" to me. But working titles are just that. Mine change daily.

  2. Sounds like you've actually got a lot done, just not on paper yet - and that'll flow once you get going!


    Stop by my blog sometime, there's an award over there for you! :)


  4. Hi Anne
    I'm glad you like the premise for the book.
    Thank you for the feedback :)

    Hi Jemi
    I do have pen and paper sections when they came to me and the in-depth planning to build the realism. I just need the time to do a 12 hour day on the books: coming soon.

    Awards? Thank you. I can't wait to find out more. :)

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