Monday 26 July 2010


Monday is for moaning. Not the writhing on the floor kind of moaning, although more of that a little later. It isn’t homage to Moaning Myrtle either, although she was the first, if not the last person to spy on Harry Potter and, of course, Cedric/Edward in the bath – very good taste, positively psychic. Myrtle spied on Robert Pattinson in the tub and nearly all the bubbles in the bath were gone by the time he had cracked the problem (??!). Moaning has its advantages.

Moaning is self-indulgently wallowing in helplessness, the last resort of the powerless. It is negative to the point of passive/aggressive.

So, to moaning. With a world full of problems, I have to narrow down to one thing to moan about; umm, tricky.

Moaning Monday?

I have to moan about shop assistants who chat over my head, and my shopping, on a range of subjects that I don’t get to participate in. What I don’t know about Sharon getting off with Shaun “out the back” isn’t worth knowing. My moan? Either ask for my advice – because there is nothing I’d like more than to have an opinion – or don’t chat through me like I borrowed Harry’s invisibility cloak to add frisson to my weekly shopping date.

If I had borrowed his cloak then there really would be nothing I don’t know about what happened when Sharon and Shaun were found in the fruit and veg cold store when they should have been stocking the frozen meat aisle.

So, as you can see, Moaning Monday did end up back where it started. 


  1. Funny Elaine. Moaning is good.

    *Shhhh* By the way, I won't say another word about the second email on the full except congratulations. I've got all my crossable body parts turned into pretzel for on on this one.

  2. I forgot about Moaning Myrtle and Cedric in the bubbleless bath - she does have good taste! :)

  3. Hi Anne
    I'm going have that pretzel image in my head all day, and when I thought nothing could remove Harry and Ced/ward in the soap too!

    Hi Susan
    You can only imagine how long I searched for the right image for the Blog!

  4. I totally agree with you here. And (SA) don't give me a dirty look if I comment. If you don't want me to listen then don't talk while I'm there. ;)

    I love that Moaning Mirtle scene. :D

    (And I too won't say anything about the second email which I saw mentioned on PW's blog.)

  5. Hi Stina
    Thanks for stopping by and following.

    sshh! ;)

  6. Hi Jemi
    You sneaked past me.
    I love Myrtle! As a character, and Shirley Henderson's acting too.

  7. LOL "Moaning is self-indulgently wallowing in helplessness, the last resort of the powerless. It is negative to the point of passive/aggressive." Best definition of moaning I've ever heard!!

  8. Ahh, moaning. Such a delectable pasttime. But only if done right. And better if with another. Oh wait, I'm sorry, wrong kind of moan. You're talking about the "self-indulgent wallowing kind". Yep. That can be quite therapeutic as well.

    Great post!

    ~that rebel, Olivia

  9. Hi Karen
    This is the definition of *blushes! I'm taking that as top-notch praise :)

    Hey Olivia
    Solo wallowing doesn't have the same connotations, at all! :)

  10. I hate it when the manicurist working on my nails is speaking to her coworkers in their native tongue, as if I'm Thing from the Adamm's Family with no head to carry on a conversation with.

    Thanks for letting me moan with ya!!

  11. Sometimes a little moan does us good.

  12. Nicole
    You moan on girl! I envy anyone who is fluent in more than one language. To hear someone gossiping over my head, in a second language, would make me curious as hell! I have enough trouble when I know what I wish I'd been able to say!
    Hi Patti
    You are right moaning can do us all good. Afterall, moaning releases pressure in the internal feel-y bottle. That has got to be better than an explosion spewing venom around!