Wednesday 14 October 2009

You've got to like life, it is never predictable

Harvest, schmarvest ... "it'll happen" seems to be the thinking, rather than work hard and practise. We've had one run through of the songs and attempts at several poetical styles of writing. There has to be three half decent poems out there for me to use; I hope. One more run through, on Thursday afternoon, then it's: "Hello Friday morning!" and the small matter of the audience of parents. Relaxed, seems to sum it up.

On the up-side:
  • Tomorrow I'm going to the Cinema with the school - 3-D glasses necessary, apparently.
  • I've been offered a free trip to Budapest, in term time - gotta love the Comenius Project. I'm putting this down to the power of positive thinking - daydreaming and all from the other day :)
  • I should still be on for Cyprus in term 3 as well :))

With Nathan's competition in mind I looked at the original, and the slim-line, story openings for Near Edgware. Writing is an evolutionary process.

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