Sunday 11 October 2009

But then there's the reading. I always get to the bitter end - eventually

Finished the biography of Emma: The Twice Crowned Queen - sooooo, wishing she'd been amongst the Danes culled.

It was very like reading Sir Frank Stenton's Anglo Saxon England - which I have (the only person on my A-level course to bother) - only with a much narrower field of vision. It had the same tone, too.

Emma would make an excellent character to write a novel about; it appears that someone else thought so too: a speedy Amazon confirmed. That would be a book to track down. Or, maybe not - the book I found doesn't begin at the beginning of Emma's life nor end at the end - umm - that wouldn't be at all ....

Emma would never have won the Mother of the Age or, indeed, the Wife of the Late Anglo Saxon Era, but she sure learned to bend with the winds of mis-fortune.


  1. I must confess I know nothing about Emma. I'm afraid I don't read a ton of historicals (novels or otherwise). Now, if I talked to my mother - she's probably read them all! She (Emma - not my mom, although she's quite the character too) sounds like an interesting person and subject :)

  2. You should adhere to writing poems! They are like an 'experience in time!'
    Novels, historical only tell a story, whereas poetry is from your heart!