Monday, 12 October 2009

Nathan and me - it's like a psychic connection

So, on the first day I felt I was, something like, in control of the screaming hordes I drove home thinking I'd celebrate by going to the Writer's Circle: park setting, custard creams and a visiting tutor offering to help us make our characters truly 3-D. But Nathan, knowing that I had time to WRITE for the first time in a month, pitched in with a competition to provide the incentive to blow off the Park Crew.

Like, technically, it is two paragraphs but hey ... poetic license?

by Elaine AM Smith

The first time he had peered through the gates of the overgrown garden, to the pile of bricks cemented together by vines, it had reminded Tom of some sleeping princess’s forgotten castle. He had tried to decide which was worse: the fact that he had been talked into coming over to Chelsea for a bit of wilful destruction or that he was standing outside a rotting building thinking about damsels in distress. Tom rubbed his head against the metalwork until it crumbled in protest. Rust clung to his damp forehead and his shaking hands, “You dragged me north of the river for this?”

My year group partner was away from work today. I missed her. It's no fun revolting on your own.


  1. No, its no fun doing anything alone, excet writing!
    Keep it up!

  2. And thanks for visiting my blog:

  3. Hi Smita
    It is true that for most things company makes the experience sweeter but, when it comes to writing, I prefer not to be disturbed.

  4. Oh, I know I'm late in my post, but I remember reading this paragraph and liking it. The phrase "sleeping princess’s forgotten castle" particularly stuck with me, and so did "standing outside a rotting building thinking about damsels in distress." Those two phrases grabbed me so intently I wanted to read more.