Tuesday 27 October 2009

National Novel Writing Month planning

To say that my plan for namowrimo is sketchy is grossly exaggerating the faint scrappings on my page. I have names, chapter titles and a concept.

I also have fifteen pages of notes for the novel I've decided not to write - plus a board full of images and a wordy opening paragraph; why would I want to write that project?

I don't even know if I'm writing MG or YA.

I can't quite pin down the genre - although action is the driver so, maybe, that would do.

No worries, then? 50,000 words in a month about some-thing-or-the-other? That sounds about right.

Today I entered some kind of regional word war... not quite sure if it is with, or against, the Irish fraternity across the water. I hope it is with them - against our trans-atlantic cousins, because, as my writing name suggests, I have strong Gaelic connections. It's going to be like when England play Eire at football... but without the fence to sit on!

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  1. I'm still deciding on my NaNo idea as well. Idea #1 is steampunk ya. I've never written steampunk or ya.

    #2 is the first in a series of sort-of-cozy mysteries

    #3 is a fun mystery with a bit of a paranormal twist and a wide variety of cultures interacting

    #4 is... well you get the idea!

    Not many days left to decide :)