Sunday 11 October 2009

More than a feeling - but not in a good way

Did you ever get the feeling that something much greater than you really has it in for you?

I'm not talking about the playground bully, although that would be bad too. I am talking about an omniscient being, the one who knows the moment you don't think anything else could go wrong. That's when he swoops in; just in time to show you how, very, wrong you were.

1 Our neighbours applied to add an extension - extra room above the garage.
2 Our boiler died.

The neighbour's extension extends over our roof... ? Not by a lot, but ... ? That was a worry.

Next, our son - see autobiographical details - wants to help the plumbers when they come to offer estimates. This is a problem when you want them to work when you are at work.

Next the water from our washing machine in the Utility Room (garage) that should go down the drain in our back garden decided that it no longer needed to do that thing - see neighbour's builders for the explanation to that one. They are, theoretically, on the case with sorting that little problem out -- um. A soapy water stream going to the other drain, aren't you envious?

School thinks this is an ideal time for me to organise and run an educational revolution - obviously, perfect timing for that - no pressure.

Bub, the hub, is running to keep up.

Babe, the ... yep that one, is far too devoted to texting her, already-at-University, boyfriend to remember to do the odd bit of work.


That's what I thought, but ...

Today, the "I'm not finished with you, yet: Harbinger of all things that could possibly make Elaine's life more complicated, added a new twist. Apparently, water need no longer leave the dishwasher or sink in the kitchen - see neighbour's grand expansion plan complication above.

We didn't begin to wash up until it was good and dark. Imagine the scene - windup torch and rubber gloves and crawling around the two drains outside - such fun! If it was earlier than 10:30 pm I'd have gone around there today. I walked to the door, and circled back, at least three times trying to make myself go there tonight - it's a British thing right?

I'm going around there tomorrow - any words of advice?

You know I can't help thinking that being a full-time writer - writing from home - would be the answer to lots of these problems.

Or, leaving them all to it while I flog the book and let the carers do the daily caring ... ooh! That's a thought too! It is revolutionary season, after all!

I feel soooooooo much better now. Long vent - little daydream.

Now I need my sleep; I have a battle to wage tomorrow.

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  1. It's a Canadian thing too :) Good luck with your visit!

    What a crazy time for you. Hope it eases off a little for you soon.