Saturday 4 July 2009

You Tell Me, And Not Nathan When He Gets Back From Travel-ing For Good: What Would You Do With The Money?

As I’m sure you are aware Nathan is doing the opposite of sipping margaritas on his own desert island. So, while he is away ‘not finding the next JK Rowling’ because s/he is sitting here - twiddling thumbs - waiting for his return…the start of that beautiful relationship temporarily on hold. I thought we might consider what comes after domination of Bestseller’s Lists world wide.

When your book is published, and your name can be inserted into the following phrase ‘…………………, best-selling author’, what would you do with the multi-millions that are gathering dust in the bank?



  1. Elaine - You're funny. I don't know what I'd do with mega-millions, but I sure hope I find out!

  2. That's pretty funny, my submission was a mock You Tell Me as well. Now I'm thinking Nathan was bombarded by at least 20 of them. And here I thought I was the clever shoe-in.

    I would pay off my credit cards and my student loan. Then buy a house. A house in the Hollywood Hills. With a pool. And a movie theatre in it. I'm a simple man.

  3. First the easy and smilie side of what I'd do once I have enough money not to have to worry about the day job or the dust...
    Just call me Carnegie - I'd donate to school libraries... I'm an expert on how underfunded they are.
    I dread to think how many of my books have found their way from my shelves to theirs at home.
    Then there are the countries that 'don't' have autistic children ....
    JK was my favourite author until I read about her work in Eastern Europe (Google for a change) now she is my hero.

  4. I fear I know way too much about the publishing business to be able to picture an author getting multi-millions these days, dusty or not. But maybe it's the ability to visualize the impossible that allows people to achieve greatness. Here's my sincere wish that you do.

  5. Hmmm... well, I've certainly never thought of this question before (she says, sarcastically).

    Perhaps it sounds too good to be true, but I'm not a terribly materialistic person. I mean, for Goodness' sakes, I'm still wearing clothes I wore in high school, 16 years ago.

    Truly, I just want to share my stories with others - and I'm okay with having a small audience. Better than the no audience I have now. Sniff, sniff. :-(

    That said, if by some miracle, I do become a bestselling author, I don't plan to waste my multi-millions. I'd use them for selfish things, sure - like the requisite traveling that I plan to do with my hubby - and I'd help him make the little indie film he's always wanted to - and maybe we'd finally buy a little house of our own...

    But I'd like to think that I'd do some noble things with it, too - like donating to charitable organizations (the ASPCA being at the top of my list - for which my rescue kitty, Ruby Azazel, approves) and helping young writers (perhaps through a writing contest scholarship). My hubby and I are already trying to do that in the world of film - we run two film fests, and for one, our ultimate goal is to help put a film student through college. It's a long way off - such a goal - but it's possible.

    Thanks for the question... it certainly distracted me from my edit, and that's a good thing. :-)

  6. I'd be happy with the best selling author bit, but do everything else I am doing now - I like the people.

    What would I do with millions if I sudden found that I had it - pay for a couple of Uni courses for ex students. They are great kids who just can't seem to get a leg up.

  7. I'd sit on an island and try to finish the rest of the series. :) But the never-ending daiquiris would prob make for some interesting story lines.
    Oh, and I'd pay off my parent's mortgage.

  8. Hi, Elaine! Thanks for dropping by and commenting on Nightingale Floor. I look forward to reading it. I really liked Lian Hearn's blog. She has some excellent articles. In answer to your question: 1st 10% goes to God. 2. Pay off debts. 3. Fix our money pit of a house. 4. Do all of the above while submitting for our second adoption through China, which China would now be happy to let us do because I'd be famous after publishing my book, which is based on their favorite cultural story. LOL.