Sunday 12 July 2009

Writers' Circle 500 word challenge

So, 500 words is not very many - no problem.
Then they worked out the list of desirable elements the story had to contain - I avoided crying narrowly and writing for a lot longer . But it has to be handed in for tomorrow and this is me finishing it now - I'm a regular little 'joiner' - what can I say!
This is my Writers' Circle....
Some - not all of the following should be included:
Will Sparrow aged 44 born Las Vegas now lives in Dunstable
Able to hold his drink but suffers from flatulence
Has a weakness for fine wine, excellent food and cream scones
Dislikes bad manners and fears heights
Longs to be discovered by Andrew Lloyd-Webber and enjoys singing and waltz music
Fav book 'Billy Liar' and Fav film 'The Go-between'
1 A wallet found
2 Shopping for books
3 A railway station

I wrote like having root canal fillings

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