Friday 24 July 2009

In Italy

The internet cafe is the only place hotter than the streets - called in for a quick check on e-mails and the like and found that other people have been visiting here more than I have recently.

Sun and art and architecture - and did I mention sun?
Then there are the bites - I've seen more bites than anything else - still it could have been worse... in France I had to try to communicate in French (for a friend with a diarrhoea and vomitting bug) and get medicine to bring back for her ... the Farmacia here was a 'piece of cake' everyone being covered from head to foot in itchy red bites!

The time is running out - not something I usually have to worry about -

I started writing for the Manchester Writing competition - set in .... yep that one! Not many words to play with yet still the descriptive phrases flow - I laugh, when writing, wondering how many days it will be before I start cutting them back out.

I left Tasha balanced on the top of a gate post so, maybe, I ought to go and write her back down again!

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