Friday 3 July 2009

The day job wasn't half-bad today

I'm still buzzing - though not literally - Sports Day had humour, drama, endeavour, great sporting attitude, colour, excellence, fervour and races.

'It's A Knock-out' themed, so we could find out about seaside towns - march in parade behind the town crests - run sprint and long distance races and do fun activities (in groups) that, sadly didn't involve water - shame.
Cries of: Brighton! Ballycastle! New Quay (Wales)! Weymouth! Orkney (don't ask) mingled as the runners competed!
Congratulations to Tenby - worthy winners!
Hip! Hip! to my beloved Bournemouth who were the opposite of first place - we deserved Oscars in abundance though - high drama!

So the morning was good.
The afternoon couldn't pip the fun? Bring on the Y6 'Apprentice' - Young Enterprise Initiative!

Team spirit 'up-levelled' again! The road from their initial proposal - the hiring by the Head - the production of the various products - designing the image - through to setting up and the selling was not always a smooth one but they all either learned to get on or split into smaller conglomerates! Then, some groups unexpectedly merged in the minutes before the selling began - seeing useful business opportunities and ways to maximise and share profits!
The range of goods they produced was wider than you'd expect: homemade jewellery, biscuits, Smoothies, spare/rare cards from collections, Big Pens (oddly, the length of rolled up sheets of newspaper - causal link), strawberries and cream, ice-creams, we even had a cake shop with a tent, bunting and lashings of 'lemonade'!
As I walked around I could hear discussions of profit margins, cries of the hawkers and the 'singing' of adverts all designed to fleece the parents, and the rest of the school, of every penny available. It was idyllic - in a working together to turn in a profit kind of way.

The unexpected element, for me, was that several groups, had already agreed that when they made their first 'millions' (through their own efforts) they were going to donate a percentage of the net profit to charity - the biggest crisis in the Enterprise Groups this week was the one who couldn't narrow their beneficiaries from three to two!

So, a day that couldn't be improved upon?

Minnow was singing in the EOY concert at school (What I Did For Love - from A Chorus Line) .................................... (proud mother's extended speil went there). -: )

Monday afternoon is the Enterprise 'A-counting' Session (so the good continues) - they have to feed back to the school and present their accounts to our very own version of Sir Alan Sugar -CK !

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