Monday 20 July 2009

Sudden disappearance

Well, it went like this officer: one minute there was a story posted here and the next moment there wasn't!

Yesterday, I played the game called, 'What can you do with a mini-story?'

Well, 'Micro, Sudden and Flash me down with a feather!' There is a whole world of 'What on Earth's?' available for the little bleeder!

I polished the story up - lost the bits that I didn't need - tried harder to make it even more horribly diabolical and sent it off in the hopes of earning my first ever $50 for 'me' writing, Governor!

Then, having sent it off - and being totally irritated by the first line of dialogue that was left for the Adipose Poser - or Cuckoo as she introduced herself - I had another go at sorting out the irritating bits and Voila (with no accent 'cos I'm too tired to be bothered finding it!) even more sorted - the story is done!

I don't know if on the Blog counts as 'published', off the page it had to go .

Editing interrupted by organising for the holiday

Word Count: - still 'Near-ly finished' 86,000 and falling

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