Tuesday, 25 January 2011

HAPPY BURN'S NIGHT Camera Obscura - I love my Jean

My favourite track from Edinburgh band CAMERA OBSCURA has to be "Books Written For Girls"

he likes to read books written for girls,  he prides himself on being a man of the world, in the darkest of places he gets his thrills, he will disappoint you if you see through his perfect smile
But this is Burn's Night and the poetry speaks.  John Peel, famous DJ from a while back,  asked the band to put some of John Burn's poetry to music, this is the-glitter-of it:

Of a' the airts the wind can blaw,
I dearly like the west,
For there the bonie lassie lives,
The lassie I lo've best:
There's wild woods grow, and rivers row,
And mony a hill between;
But day and night my fancy's flight
Is ever wi' my Jean.
I see her in the dewy flowers,
I see her sweet and fair:
I hear her in the tunefu' birds,
I hear her charm the air:
There's not a bonie flower that springs
By fountain, shaw, or green,
There's not a bonie bird that sings,
But minds me o' my Jean.

Besides, I only got halfway through the mammoth list of entries in Alex's Blogfest. I have miles to go...    

Happy Burn's Night to anyone who has Scot's blood running through their veins.

Born Irish is a touch like Scottish - tonight I'll be celebrating with Glenn, Squeezed into a tiny pub. :) 


  1. What a catchy tune. They did an excellent job of capturing the spirit of this poem with music.
    I'll have to look into more of their music.

    Make sure you check my Wednesday post!
    Tossing It Out

  2. It was a monster blogfest. I think there were some late entries and I need to go back.

    Thanks for sharing Burns nigiht.

  3. Very retro vibe to the vid. Lovely lyrics.

    Nice to meet you, Elaine!

  4. Happy Burns' Night (a little late).