Sunday, 27 November 2011



The clue is in the title, every week the participants post six sentences from their work-in-progress.

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Welcome to my 6 ;) Thanks for visiting and thanks again if you commented. 

This is the novel I work between session writing MG. 

It continues directly after last week's post - because I couldn't leave Darrah hanging any longer ;)

Darrah is The Arm of Elthor's Corp - this gives her responsibility for the men she selects to train and to lead. Her secret mission is to find the Regal's heir who has been taken. The evidence suggests that The Sarkisians - who, with their unusual powers and their need to feed directly from the living, are hated and feared - are responsible. Darrah, who has personal reasons to want all that race to husk and crumble is finding it hard deal with her reactions to Hale who has been sent to find out who, or what, is trying to destroy the fragile peace between their peoples.

Darrah is hanging over a chasm clinging to Hale's wrist. Even though he could help her Hale has, so far, chosen not to lay a finger on her.  


Although it was hot and steamy, the unworldly air, from far below, chilled her. Darrah felt sick, nothing she tried stopped her hand sliding over his wrist. Before giving in to the inevitable, she gazed along their arms until she could look Hale in the eye. Whatever she’d expected to see it wasn’t the red blotches of shame in his cheeks or the impossibly wide, dark lakes of his eyes. As each of his fingers connected, one by one, along her wrist, Darrah gasped. With the faintest of tugs she was all warmth… and darkness.

If you have been celebrating, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Weekend. :D

We've been celebrating our son's birthday with different groups of friends and family since last Wednesday - that was a long birthday ;) Now we can start thinking about Christmas.

November is nearly over, did you get lots of writing completed? Did you see your word count rise?


  1. Great excerpt! And wow, you have lots of celebrating going on. Enjoy! :)

    Thanks for joining in my debut day celebration. I'll be announcing the winners soon.

    Read a sneak peek of TANGLED TIDES on Amazon

  2. Hi Karen

    Thank you. I usually end up writing a little for DRAWN over breakfast; I think of it as my light snack. ;)

    The Boy's birthday was an extended celebration.

    I was happy to join your debut day celebration. Good luck with TANGLED TIDES.