Sunday 20 November 2011



When Saturday's X-factor was dreary and plodding and I was finding it hard to choose between four dull acts to hope wouldn't make it back next week, I found time to write this post :) 

If you're that interested, in the end, I couldn't decide between spotlight-and-static or winsome-and-lilting as the acts who are going nowhere except predictably round to where they were at the start.


In this weekly feature, participants post six sentences of their work. 

I am also delighted to get a little feedback on the work.

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This is a small section of the novel I work on when I forget I am supposed to be writing MG. It continues directly after last week's post - which is odd, for me ;)

Darrah is The Arm of Elthor's Corp - this gives her responsibility for the men she selects to train and to lead. Her secret mission is to find the Regal's heir who has been taken. The evidence suggests that The Sarkisians - who, with their unusual powers and their need to feed directly from the living, are hated and feared - are responsible. Darrah, who has personal reasons to want all that race to husk and crumble is finding it hard deal with her reactions to Hale who has been sent to find out who, or what, is trying to destroy the fragile peace between their peoples.


Darrah was a spasm away from letting go of the Sarkisian’s wrist. Her fingers ached and bone deep strain wrenched through her arm. She wondered where the flashes of her life were – the ones that were supposed to distract her from the fact that she was only seconds away from death. The images of her loving family were probably cowering before her anger. She didn’t mind dying, like living rough and training, it was part of her calling, but she did object to succumbing when the strong male nearby held his hand tantalising inches away from hers.

“I knew your sort could never be trusted!”

Now, I didn't have to miss family time. Feeling mighty pleased about that ;)



  1. I'm having a great weekend, actually it's been an amazing few days, with meeting Martina Cole, going to London for the RNA winter party with my dear friends, Elizabeth Lord and Linda

  2. Hi Jamara
    I'm glad you're feeling up :D I'm not surprised you are feeling good: meeting Martina and attending a ball this sounds prefect for an RNA member ;)

  3. Wow, powerful stuff here! Even with the very little actual information provided, the characters ring true and real. You're obviously a talented writer, and I'm glad I found your blog :) Have a fantastic Sunday!

  4. Hi Guilie
    Thank you *blushes
    I'm glad you felt the characters were believable and that you enjoyed the six sentences.

  5. Having a great weekend :) Interesting six! I'm curious to know what exactly the Sarkisians feed on (memories, blood, etc).

  6. Wow, very dramatic, takes me right into her dilemma with her and I want to know who the careless male is and what happens NEXT. Excellent excerpt!

  7. Hi Amy
    Thank you, I'm glad you could see Darrah hanging around. ;)

    Hi Keri
    I'm glad your weekend was great too. Sarkisians feeding? Umm. Look for an image that crosses Peter Parker with Maximus Decimus Meridius ;)

    Hi Veronica
    Thanks *blushes
    Glad you got to hang out with Darrah and Hale. He is probably coming up with a plan for how he can help ;)