Sunday, 10 July 2011


Thanks to everyone who offered their thoughts about my six sentences, last week. 

THANK YOU! Your thoughts helped me think... so much. :D

A little late on, but, I've finally decided where STARRING should start ;) I've gone back to the inciting incident that got Lucas sent to boarding school.




The weather was hot and humid, just like home. High over head, the sun broke through miserable clouds and forced rain-filled puddles to steam and shrink. The zoo appeared to be empty, everyone indoors at the watering hole. At the tiger enclosure, Lucas stared at the large Sumatran tiger and the tiger stared back at him. When Lucas placed his hand flat on the glass, the tiger turned its head and gnawed at the smooth surface. With its round yellow eyes fixed on him, the tiger paced away and quickly back again, Lucas was tempted to join in the dance.

OK? My Beta wanted blood rather than angst  at the start

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  1. I like where you're going with this. There is the possibility of so much tension in these short phrases but I think you could (once again) do fill it in to make it even more tense... the steam in the air filling the air between the tiger and boy, something like that. Also, that tiger gnawing at the glass... there is a picture you might check out
    A similar idea- an owl who didn't realize the glass was there and left his imprint behind. You might say something like that here??? I don't know...