Monday 11 July 2011


The five space shuttles transported  355 astronauts.
There have been 134 missions.
Shuttles have travelled a total of half a billion miles in space.
The ground crew and astronauts have been routinely heroic. 
Nothing I have read about the replacements sound anything like as versatile as the space shuttle.
I wonder what the new craft might look like?
How far we will we expect the next generation of brave explorers to go?

We use vast sums of money to fund our ability to look outwards, do we suffer from insatiable curiosity or planet envy?
Could it be that we have we lost hope in our ability to protect and share the Earth? 
Where is X-33? I can't help thinking the Orion rocket looks - splash-back-to-the-future - limited.


  1. Our family actually got to see the Orion in person when we were in Tucson. It stopped at the Pima Air & Space Museum on its way to Kennedy in Florida. It looks like a pretty versatile craft, but they haven't figured out how the astronauts will exercise while they're in there. It doesn't have nearly as much room as the space shuttle did.

  2. Wow! I've only seen it in pictures. It looks so 1970s... looks like a step back to the future ;) My tour of California will bring me through Solvang - I've been thinking of you a lot recently :D