Friday 8 July 2011

COUNTING DOWN TO THE ABBA LITFEST virtual informative and free

This way to the ABBA Litfest. I can't wait! :D
My computer will be my BFFE this weekend as the ABBAlitfest opens its virtual doors and welcomes everyone who is interested in writing for children.

There are competitions and giveaways :D

Over the next two days they will be posting videos and hosting bookloads of published authors.

Guest blogs and interviews, the next two days will be awesome.

The organisers have said the response they have received from writers, worldwide, has been AMAZING.

This is the first ever online festival run by children's authors, I am not surprised the interest has been phenomenal this is a great opportunity to learn a lot - all in one weekend - and it is free and accessible to everyone. 

The ABBA Litfest starts tomorrow at 9am BST.

They have asked if everyone could help them make it a global triumph by Blogging, mentions on Facebook page or chats on Twitter using the #ABBAlitfest hashtag.

All of us Tweeps could get #ABBAlitfest to trend over the weekend.

Bookmark the ABBA Litfest here.

Another good thing about the virtual Literary Festival is that you can dress down in pyjamas and slippers or up in a ball gown crowed with a tiara.

If you dress to impress, coffee casual or queenly, you can post your ABBAlitfest photograph on the FB page or Twitter - the writer who impresses most is in line for one of the ABBA Litfest prizes.

I can't guarantee to make it in tafetta but I'll be looking to gather some pearls of wisdom ;)   



  1. Interesting. Thanks for this post. I hope you have a great time with it.

    Happy Weekend :-)

  2. Hi Ivy
    It is a great idea. I've got my notebook ready to list the tips and pointers :)

  3. Wonderful. Wonderful.

    I've got a four-dayer coming up. No big plans. Just a few things that need finished, mixed in with bookstore fun.