Thursday, 28 April 2011

WEAK CHARACTERS - Arlee's A to Z - Characterisation

Kind-of, how I feel but the
end is in sight ;)

Weak characters are generic, identikit people built around a name or a body type.

Weak characters are more about the role they play than the journey towards growth and self-fulfilment.

Strong characters are created from need.

Strong characters want something; they also want to avoid something - would do anything to avoid it.

Strong characters have a dark-something lurking (inside or beyond) that makes them rigid with terror.

Morally weak characters
            well-described but lacking substance     
One-dimensionally weak
            caricatures or archetypes - cardboard cut-outs

“What” (the action and the conflict) should be the seed from which the characters grow.

The interplay between the characters and the events continue to shape and modify the characters.

Well, now how do you feel?
wanted, warlike, warm-hearted, wary, weak, weary, weepy, weighted down, weird, welcomed, well, wild, wilful, winsome, wise, wistful, withdrawn, witty, woeful, wonderful, worked up, worn out, worried, worthless, worthy, wrathful, wretched, wronged


  1. Great post. Even "weak" characters are more fun when they have some depth.

  2. Wow! Wonderful! :)

    And I'm a little weary myself :)

  3. Identikit?

    That's the second word I've seen today I didn't understand.

    I must be weak-minded, yes? ;)

    - Eric

  4. Since I started reading your blog, I am now needing to read through some of your other posts. You really have some great tips. I am all about the characters for my stories. :)

  5. I am reading through your blog and finding so many wonderful tips. I am all about the charachters for my stories. :)

  6. I am reading through your blog and finding some wonderful posts. I am all about the characters for my stories. Thanks for the great tips!

  7. Weak or Strong
    Characters are always build up
    good or bad weak or strong
    its a major part is in our own hands
    I am here via A to Z pages
    Good going
    keep inform

  8. We need both, weak and strong. With only strong characters around they would run against each other and kill the plot for their own purpose.