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When you are putting the person into the personality:
Fill in a Getting-to-know-you Form
Create a timeline and a backstory
Interview them
Pen sketch – or find a picture/photograph to represent them
Take the Myers-Briggs test for your characters 
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can be used to put the fun in da mental dimensions into a character’s personality. Poking holes in your holistic picture of them, the character’s approach to problem solving, relationships and crises management can be mapped from their position on the Myers-Briggs Grid.
This test combines attitudes (extraversions through to introversions) with functions (thinking, feeling, sensing and intuiting.)
It is true that individuals are more complicated than a matrix of sixteen personality types. But the Myers-Briggs tool is a useful framework for broadly understanding the human condition. It can be quite a useful tool for putting the person into the personality of the character.

Extraversion  ---  Introversion
Sensing   ---  Intuition
Thinking   ---   Feeling
Judging   ---    Perceiving 

Lucas MB Orme  (His initials – MB – are not short for real names. The truth behind the initials were not recorded on his birth certificate but Lucas was conceived when his parents were studying Mission Blue butterflies for their doctorates. They call him Blue.)
Born: Visitors’ Centre, Marin Head, Marin County, California. His parents didn’t get around to going to the hospital in time.
Parents: Casey and Hailey Orme are Scientists, Ecologists, Conservationists and researchers now specialising in Tigers
Lucas’ opinions about tigers are conflicted.
He has travelled widely – any country with a tiger population
Lucas was home schooled – by anyone who could spare a little time
He is not so much an only child as a person with a lot of tiger siblings
I haven’t done the Myers-Briggs test on Lucas because he is changing rapidly at the moment – besides he is only nine.
Lucas has never lived in a society long enough to have a fixed idea of who and what he is. The one thing he is certain of is that he is less significant to his parents than their work.  
The cross-cultural affects on Lucas are also significant:
Individualism to collectivism
Power distance
Orientation to uncertainty
Gendering of male/female relationships
Long-term future time perspective
Lucas has gone from a void into a very structured setting.
If an individual’s personality is contained by the structures set in place by the family, Lucas has been loosely formed.

If you take the Myers-Briggs' test you may be surprised by how well the capsule description of your personality type seemed to fit you.
Slightly expressed introvert
Distinctly expressed intuitive
Moderately expressed feeling
Moderately expressed judging
In Art/Science it suggested my ideal professions as:
Literature/Writer :D
Web Design  
In Social Services:

Famous people with my type:
Immanuel Kent
William Shakespeare
Ludwig van Beethoven
Pearl Buck
Arthur C Clarke
Picture me now?! ;)
Pacified, pampered, panicked, parsimonious, passionate, patient, peaceful, peeved, pensive, perceptive, perky, permissive, perplexed, persistent, persuasive, perturbed, pessimistic, petrified, petulant, phlegmatic, pining, pious, pitying, placated, placid, pleased, poised, pompous, portentous, powerful, pragmatic, precocious, pressured, pretentious, privileged, promiscuous, prosaic, protective, proud, puffed up, pumped, purposeful, pushy


  1. I'm definitely trying this out for my next WIP.

    Last Friday, I posted a link to someone's blog who's been doing an awesome daily post on these different types. :D

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