Tuesday, 5 April 2011

EASY GOING - Arlee's A to Z - Characterisation

This is the personality type that gets confused with being lazy
People with an easy going personality can be misunderstood when they are seen as indifferent, or even frivolous.
Rarely seen as the main character in a novel, the MC's best friend is often drawn from this personality type.

An extroverted personality type, like a breath of fresh air, may be made up of these temperaments which result from this personality:

This kind of character’s emotional response is likely to be:


If the treatment a person receives in their primary environment is rewarding/indulging/spoiling the possible effects, could be that they are:

exploitative, selfish, controlling, precocious, dependent, unsocialised/anti-social, suspicious, unable to share, untrusting, uncompromising, have a screwed value system, dependency, lacking in perception, unadventurous, patronising, inadequacy, unrealistic, unmotivated, low initiative, compulsive

ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF EMOTIONS - extensive version ;)
eager, earnest, easygoing, ebullient, eccentric, ecstatic, effervescent, elated, embarrassed, embittered, emotional, emotionally bankrupt, emotionless, empathetic,
empathic, empowered, empty, enamored, enchanted, encouraged, engaging, enigmatic, enlivened, ennui, enraged, enraptured, entangled, enthralled, enthused, enthusiastic, enticed, entranced, entrenched, envied, equitable, esteemed, euphoric, evil, exasperated, excitable, exhilarated, expressive, extroverted, exuberant,

How are you feeling today?


  1. As a matter of fact I am feeling easy going, but in no shape or form am I lazy (today)! I've been up since 9 am commenting and posting on people's blogs and social media sites, getting to know fellow scribes in the craft.

  2. Exhausted! We had terrific storms last night and no one in the county slept.

    Interesting post, you've given me some ideas about a character. Thanks!

  3. Interesting idea for the post!

    I have exactly one easy going main character.

    And boy is he feeling the strain.

    What can I say? I'm evil when I write. ^_^

  4. Today I feel easy going - because I'm laid up with an injury. I think my main character is basically easy going, but then again she's only 11.

  5. You had me hooked with your friends picture, which I might add reminds me of me :) Today I am feeling layed back crazy. Sitting with the headphones on again so as not to hear all the banging from my husbands hammer. Off to explore your blog some more.

  6. I think I'm highly strung, though I have my easy going moments LOL! :O)

  7. Hi Jeffery
    Busy! Busy! It is amazing how many hours can disappear doing just that.

    Hi Misha
    Thank you :)
    It is difficult to make easy going exciting - there are none of the extremes we are told to write about.

    Hi Sheila
    You have to take it easy when you are injured. Only the easy going survive the experience without setting their healing back with their inability to remain still.

    H Siv Maria
    It is a great photo. I'm not sure which version of kangaroos I love most: how relaxed they can look or how they can compact a near-adult-sized joey into their pouch (surely, the opposite of easy going ;))

    Hi Madeleine
    The highly strung are ready for anything. I think it is good that you feel you can be flexible when necessary :)