Monday, 31 January 2011


 After a long drive and a short walk on the Ashridge Estate I ended feeling cold and poetic. I wrote the Spring part last year but I felt the need to capture the changes that clung in the cold and crept out with the sunlight. 

I drove to Great Gaddeston, Little Gaddeston and Gaddeston Row - that was enough Gaddestons for me ;) Then we walked and hurried home.


Winter hardens in glittered bite;
Crisps, in sharp snaps, bladed dew;
Breathes on netted, silk-draped, bushes.
Winter does not warm to daylight’s lowered rays.
Winter rawness strains by cracks;
Pales while drifting blankets smooth;
Winter’s un-dyed skeletal mask deceives and smothers.   

Spring shoots from grey ground,
Darts in coy callings: tree to tree,
Peaks on spindled fingers seeking light:
Spring does not rush its great reveal, it revels in slow-rising sap.
Spring wafts irritating clouds,
Prances to new life’s dance,
Blushes while blossoms robe:
Spring, plush with lush life, swells and over-all flows.

The day felt like one season and in the sunlight, and from the car's rose-tinted interior, it masqueraded as the other..

Don't you love how words combine with internal rhythms?
Two answers are perfectly possible ;)


  1. Hi Lindsay
    Thank you. That's not poetically lyrical ;)

  2. I need this season to change. Here in the States we've had our fill of winter. Thanks for the beautiful post.

  3. Hi Charli
    It was good to see green, and to feel a little warmth in the sunlight :)

  4. "Blushes while blossom robes" Loved that line. Lovely poem. Thanks for some inspiration

  5. Nice words woven nicely. :)

    Spring wafts irritating clouds.
    I like this line.

  6. Hi Lisa
    Thank you for your kind thoughts. I'm glad the poetry was an inspiration :)

    Hi Chandrika
    You must be a fellow hay-fever sufferer. I love everything about spring except what it does to my sinuses. ;)