Thursday 6 January 2011

I'M HOOKED ON GLEE - she had me at the little gold star

What is the hook?
What is the theme?
How does your story open?  
  • what is the hero doing before the first plot point?
  • what is your character’s backstory?
  • what inner demons show up here that will come to bear on the hero later in the story?
  • what is foreshadowed prior to the first plot point? 
When I want to write a story I think: is there anything I can write that is better than this.

SEASON 2 is about to air here in the UK. No spoilers now - or I might die... literally-ish ;)


  1. I have never set eyes on Glee- really- I don't watch much TV. But these questions are good questions to ask.

  2. Season 2 has been pretty good so far..some ups and downs.

  3. Great points to watch out for... I love the video

  4. Hi Summer
    Keeping clear of procrastination? Parenting, studying and writing probably keeps you pretty busy ;)

    Hi Laura
    I've been skilfully avoiding the spoilers that turn up all over the place. Monday is G-Day :)

    Hi Jamara
    It is a perfect set up. I watched the video and work my way through the conceptual-hook questions.

  5. You won't be disappointed, it's been an awesome season so far.

  6. I'm in the U.S., and I just started Glee--kept putting it off because I knew I'd love it and it'd become a time-suck. I haven't gotten to the second season yet, but most people like it as far as I've heard. Great blog! =)