Friday, 7 January 2011

Elena Solodow's 100 words for $100 dollars Blogfest

Elena Solodow on her Blog: You're Write. Except when you're Rong has created a long Blogfest: January and 100 words long. 

100 Words for $100 Dollars Blogfest!

The idea that someone might pay me to write long instead of bending my ear over keeping it short made me happy dance -  a light-headed release from pressure   ;)

100 words on the button!


Carpet time (beloved of the grey-haired, myopically-challenged, elderly educationalist who’d been placed in charge of the class who were politely described as challenging)  was a form of brutal torture conducted without the need for physical or verbal communication for it was when the imaginary force-field generated by his peers made personal space as vast as the cosmos, for the kid whose mother thought liquid detergent and water were optional extras and the sweet smell of sweat and stale urine were natural bi-products of his going through a difficult stage of development and not what Social-workers would describe as rank neglect.


I found I could enforce verbal civility and increase a positive attitude with strategic rewards but the force-field was impossible to eradicate until the school bought a washing machine.


  1. hmmm... I think I knew that kid in the school I worked in. Very nice verbosity!

  2. You are officially entered. Thanks for joining!

  3. Hi Danette
    Thank you. It has prolixity - although it felt like prolax-ity getting it written all the way to 100 words.

    Hi Elena
    Thanks for popping by and it checking out.

    Hi Summer
    Thanks *grins
    It could have gone for the 120 word challenge at one point. This is neater :)

  4. Elizabeth - What-are-you-like?! I think your four are safe :)