Thursday, 13 January 2011


Anne R Allen sent me best wishes and an award - which was lovely of her. I was glad to have something to smile about. 

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award... thanks Anne 
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass the award on.

7 Things About Me
1) I have not been ill once since July - at this time, for the last three years, my cough was so severe I broke ribs. - Is this linked to my Sabbatical from the day job?
2) I support Man Utd FC because I live far enough away ;) and Watford because I live there.
3) I can watch even the most tactically-skilful (some people might say: boring) cricket matches and stay awake.
4) I am addicted to Sci-fi on TV and books in almost every genre 
5) I watch America's Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, Glee, Grey's and anything including werewolves or vampires *hangs-head-in-shame
6) I learned to love vegetables after I gave up being vegetarian 
7) When shopping with my daughter I have to chant the mantra: "I will not buy everything we see." because she leads me astray while I pull her along by the arm ;)

I'm going to pass the award on to:

Rayna M Iyer at Coffee Rings Everywhere  Vibrant, colourful and inspiring
Rick Watson at Life 101 ~ Life In The South  Rick post some of the most beautiful photographs
Abby Annis at Abby Annis: They Lurk in the Shadows Because you can learn how to make awards and - she might even tell you how to get them to wander by and stop loitering on the edges of you Blog. If I ever get time that is on my list of things to learn.

Thank you to all my Followers - I hit 200 hundred today. That was a wonder and great surprise. If you would like to share in the Stylish Blogger Award please feel free to grab the badge and post away. Let me know I'll pop over and check-out the revelations. :)


  1. Congrats on 200 followers!!

    Very interesting link between the day job and the chronic cough. (I had a friend who just broke a rib coughing with the same virus I have. I didn't know you could do that!)

    Fascinating about the vegetables/vegetarian thing.

  2. Hi Anne
    Thank you :) It is exciting finding lots of followers.
    I haven't caught so much as a cold this year. It is fun to be fit.
    Seriously, I was a wheat only vegetarian. *oops

  3. How fun. Congrats on the award and all the readers. Go you.

  4. Congrats on your award! I love scifi too, but I can't stay awake during the cricket ;)

  5. Hi Lynda
    Gotta love sci-fi. I spent an age research whole new worlds,the creatures that would have evolved to inhabit them and also what the adaptations would look like if they were impersonating human beings. I'm a research geek ;)
    For the cricket, I stayed up until I crashed but kept the radio on just-in-case anything exciting was loud enough to wake me up ;)

  6. Ha! I love #6! And I'm totally right there with you on #4.

    Congrats on the 200!

  7. Love Sci-fi (I think Dune is still my favourite) but can't watch 5 minutes of cricket.
    Nice to see the inner workings of other writers :-)

  8. Hi Ali
    I thought vegetables were for pushing around on the plate - it's odd to think I like the taste of them now ;) The new crop of TV sci-fi is very well written, dark and twisty.

    Hi Charmaine
    Thank you. It felt odd.
    I read Dune voraciously. As for cricket it is deceptively thrilling when it is cagey and slow and dramarama when a momentary lapse in concentration can turn safely coasting to batting collapse.

  9. One of my work friends LOVES everything green; except green veges. We all have our weird moments.

    But Top Model, Gossip Girl, Glee? Oh, the shame . . well, maybe not for a shopaholic :)


  10. Thanks, Elaine! Very sweet of you to think of me. :)

    Congrats on 200!

  11. Congratulations on reaching 200!

    I have been to four cricket matches. The first was as a part of corporate hospitality, and as such I spent the entire time talking to clients. The only bit of cricket I saw was when I happened to look up to see the ball heading directly towards me - straight into the hands of a fielder!
    The other matches I went to watch and very exciting they were too! (One - Kent vs Sussex - was literally won on the last ball!)


  12. Hi Donna
    Shopping is fun unless the Minnow gets anywhere near shoes. ;) These days, I can eat every vegetable except the ones that cook slimy ;)

    Hi Abby
    You are very welcome. Thank you.

    Hi Dominic
    I don't get to the grounds too often - we battle the war of the roses here ;) My sister lives in Melbourne she invited us out for this Christmas good job we didn't get there: her husband would never have survived the experience. We got so little sleep during the tour.

  13. I'm a GLEEK as well. There...I'm out of the closet!! :)

  14. Yeah! I'm glad there are more Gleeks about. :)