Tuesday 2 November 2010


I love the NaNo time of the year: everyone working furiously and me listening to the right kind of music to get the writing right.

 Some people say you should start with the same track each day to create a Pavlovian-ly creative response. As an added bonus,  music cuts down on the other distractions. Currently, that includes the Gas Company engineers who are excavating the road outside my window and Dr Jones by Aqua played loudly in another room.

Don’t you find that, sometimes, mood music like the Japanese Garden’s tinkling waterfalls, Ocean and Storm-style stuff, just doesn’t cut it?

Today it was DJ Storm, Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi early on.

Sean Kingston, for the light touch.

Beyoncé and Rihanna got a look in, but Kelly Clarkson's old song, with the Gleeful spin, went on repeat.

I narrowly avoided the “Gracious” by Migraine Skank image – but that head held thing is so me right now ;)

Don’t you just need to know what would drive me to this playlist?  ; )

We belong together now! Bad poetry great tune :)


  1. Lol sounds intriguing!

    I've actually been writing to the radio... although I might soon throw myself at my playlists too.

    Mine is mainly Muse though.

  2. Your playlists are always so imaginative! I'm inspired by music, but always have to switch the player off before I write. For some reason, the two sets of words can't coexist in my head.

  3. Hi Misha
    I have a four hour slot when I listen to Radio One. Need to know what is current.
    Hi Mc
    I'm up there, with music! During art sessions, my pupils add to make my Spotify playlists. "S**t you gotta know" - you know. I only draw the line at learning the dances, I fall over in hysteria! ;)

  4. Must be quite the story line!! I never create playlists - I just set iTunes on shuffle :)

  5. Hi Jemi
    It's so there ;)
    I find Shuffle so random - ;) - more often than not I need to know what is coming next so I can get the right mood. I wear out tracks on repeat.