Friday, 19 November 2010


15 - 18 November 2010 was Anti-Bullying Week.
When emotional literacy is given one fifth of the time devoted to developing literacy in schools, it is encouraging to see that events like  Anti-Bullying Week work to redress the balance a little.
When bullies are the embodiment of all things  'anti', 'smash', 'beat', 'grab', 'stamp' and 'fight', the wise ones at the Anti-Bullying Alliance  suggested it was time to step away from using negative language to promote tolerance and respect. Isn't that the most profoundly simple and obvious suggestion you have never heard?
In honour of this idea - the one that made me feel like I was suddenly antipodean - they suggested  writing slogans with only positive connotations and language. And, are we not writers?
When the affects of Bullying are so negative, it is hard to think in the positive. This is my attempt.
                   Make like sociable: Safe   


  1. You're right- we are writers- this should be cake walk for us right? Yeah if truly was this easy to make bullying less then it would have happened. I personally believe being a bully is alot of the parents responsibility and some parents are not doing their job...which sucks for the the kids.
    I personally have a very strong opinion about this, but I wont put it in your comments.

    The line you wrote is good though.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I like your slogan. I'm coming up with only clich├ęs. "Do unto others..." and such.

  3. Hi Summer
    The individuals and their parents must be part of ending cycles of bullying. It is sadly a generational thing. Bullies breeding bullies or even more often the bullied raising children who are encouraged to bully. Sad :(

    Hi Lotusgirl
    Thank you for saying that. It is hard to psoitive, let alone original and pertinent for the age group it is aimed at.

  4. Having had dealt with bullying with my own kids I c'mompletely on board with this, but I agree with Summer it has a lot to do with parents teaching their kids the proper way to treat people.

  5. Hi Patti
    I'm sorry you have lived through bullying with your children. Quite a lot of patterns of behaviour are set during those vital years up to age 7, and it is hard to make a big impression on the bully without the parents supporting and working for change.

  6. Its such a hard topic to write about and remain positive. The good thing is though, that it's recognised as an issue that won't go away without action. I think a few generations ago, it was ignored but nowadays people are strong enough to stand up and say no, enough is enough. This behaviour has to change, kids need to have positive role models!

  7. Hi Talei
    I agree bullying cannot be ignored. Bullying damages everyone indiscriminately, like a virus. Injustice at the negative things we see so often brings out a negative response in us but negativity breeds negativity. Positive language and a positive and proactive response are essential.

  8. I don't think it's possible to create a slogan that will only have positive connotations to everyone who reads it, especially if it is in critical response to a group. Any anti-social teen can look at a positive banner and mock it for its sincerity or the uncoolness of its values. I know I did that at a certain phase in my teenhood. Of course, I was also bullied viciously, including once to the point of nearly being killed. This is something to think about...

  9. John
    That is horrific. People can be very cruel especially when acting as part of a pack.
    There can never be enough work done on understanding and expressing emotions effectively. Perhaps education has shifted from what is really important to acquisition of factual knowledge. 4 Rs: Reading, Writing, 'Rithmetic and Responsibility.