Monday 1 November 2010

NaNoWraMo: wrapping it up? SLOWLY CURVE - Dirty High

Please come over

I need assistance
 Mostly, I'm finding Non-NaNo no quicker than my normal pace of re-write, re-edit writing. 
It is frustrating to be so slow: a careful, order/re-order kind of writer. 
Someone - last week, admittedly - posted they wrote 10,000 words in a morning. Then, and now, I reach for something to put me out of my misery...  a coffee with a cup of tea chaser.

NaNoWraMo - GO!  

I'm the least persistent

I'm your callous prescription

I can't eat, can't speak, can't sleep

Well that's my mental description
It's a dirty high! 


  1. NaNo can be wonderful fun, but some of us have muses who are allergic to that kind of pressure. You have to be nice you your muse. You won't like her when she's angry.

    I LOVE that hero's journey chart.

  2. I find coffee cures many ills. :)

  3. Hi Anne
    My Muse likes to take slow walks in floaty dresses! ;)

    Hi Susan
    Coffee in cups or tubefed intravenously? ;)

  4. Ten thousand words in a single morning? That's crazy! The hero's journey illustration is funny, but that would confuse me more than help me. When I'm doing this, I just need to write :)

  5. I know Sherrie. I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head when I read the numbers! I can type fast; I couldn't type the same word that fast, in one morning.

    I was thinking of the Hero's Journey as a NaNo in action metaphor ;)