Thursday, 4 November 2010

IN AT THE START: Today is National Non-Fiction Day

Today is the first ever National Non-Fiction Day! Happy Birthday!

Brain-child of the Federation of Children’s Book Groups and Scholastic Children’s Books, National Non-Fiction Day celebrates all that is brilliant about non fiction.

I’m fiction’s biggest fan but, as far as moulding understand goes, fiction has to take the back seat and let the experts lead the way. Non-fiction is an informative pleasure.

So, while I’m up to my neck in creating my fictional worlds I’d be down in the doldrums without a reference book or two. My two current best friends are The AA Great Britain Road Atlas and Sir Frank Stenton’s Anglo Saxon England (just seeing AN-SAX is enough: it is flavoured with my teenage angst -- an added bonus – I studied it when I was 17, oh bless!)

Here is to NANO-FI DAY, a change from the normal NaNo fodder ;)


  1. I had no idea this day existed! Very cool. Nonfiction has gotten so much better in the last few years. When written well, it often reads like fiction. And of course, like you, I have my nonfiction research as well as all the great nonfiction material to help me publish. So hurray for NF!!

  2. Hi Carolina
    Hip-hip! Today is the first ever National Non-Fiction Day - it's a great idea.

  3. I'm not a huge non-fiction fan, although I just discovered AJ Jacobs, who is hugely funny.

  4. Great to see you spreading the word! Know what you mean about the AA Road Atlas. I'm also partial to the Good Food Guide.

  5. Hi Patti
    A Year of Living Biblically? That man has a sense of humour!

    Hi MC
    Told you I was impressed. Gotta love the Good Food Guide, I love recipes so bad even the Asda magazine impresses me :)
    There is nothing like the AA Road Atlas for pouring over appropriate places (and surnames).

  6. I admire people who write NF, especially for kids. :)

    Angela @ the Bookshelf Muse

  7. Ya learn something new every day. Happy Non-Fiction Day!

  8. Hi Angela
    If Fiction has moved by fathoms Non-fiction moved by leagues. (Fantasy mode)
    Non-fiction was the rice pudding to Fiction's Ben and Jerry's! ;) Look at the Non-fiction available now, superbly crafted and presented.

    Hi Karen Amanda :) Loved your picture I saw earlier on FB.
    I join you in celebrating National Non-Fiction Day! Yeah!