Wednesday, 26 May 2010

In the darkest times

Touched by tragedy - unexpected and extreme - these are days of reflection and questions.

I write poetry  in times of crisis but my thoughts were spiralling rather than rippling.

Years chunk in termly increments:

Not racing,
timely intervals
were measured and routine.
Each step forward marked in 
landmarks and milestones,
Mine and the many.
The pathway deviated: 
the motorway momentum
not to winding ways, 
laybys and passing places
nor to dead ends.
Winding up. 
Track made travels trace 
their passage by eye-line. 

The days of ease and simplicity 
are now shrouded in the daze of 
the harsh unevery day light of

The cry in crisis.



  1. I hope this made you feel better about your crisis, or focused your mind for a resolution.


  2. Hi Donna
    Gun crimes are rare in my circle of friends so aggravated, aggressive suicide involving a fire arm was beyond comprehension.