Thursday 13 May 2010

I'm patient? How about you?

I’m patient. I don’t want to hurry: that way leads to navy shoes with black trousers and doorjambs co-ordinating with black eyes! I’m patient. First drafts are not last drafts: they are riddled with overwriting and over enthusiastic telling. I’m patient. I want to take the time and do this right
Plan B (apart from penning some mighty "toons") would look bad – hurry, hurry; fast, fast – stalkerishness with an “are we nearly there, yet?” flavour. Patience is the key.
I've gone past the feeling I have to waste time, I don’t want to prevaricate or procrastinate. I’ve even stopped hitting refresh on the email and sitting so close to the phone its imprint is a new form of facial decoration.
I’m patient. 
I sound patient, don’t I? Good. Don’t want to let any spare im-s in.

How are you feeling at the moment?


  1. The door jambs and black eyes made me laugh - and cringe b/c I did the door jamb and broken nose thing when I was 15 years old. A feeling I will NEVER forget.

  2. Wendy, I was a little younger than you, and it was a lamppost, but that is the kind of experience you're never going to forget ;)

  3. You sound like your on your 57th cup of coffee today. :)

  4. Not too far out with the count DL_H - I've just survived watching my class sit their, age 11, SATs, nothing worse than seeing mistakes in action. It was still nothing compared to patiently waiting for a call.

  5. Seems like when you hate waiting, waiting is the thing you're always doomed to do. I understand that dilemma.

    At least we're all impatient together!

  6. I'm learning to be patient. Nice post. ;)

  7. Broken nose? Ow, ow, ow.

    Patience is something I can do, sometimes.


    Publish or Perish

  8. Still no word yet? Me neither. I've been checking my e-mail every other hour in case it's there and I don't know about it. I hate waiting.

  9. I am a point. I hope you do not have to wait much longer. :)

  10. Hi Hanna, waiting for this call is 100% better than not having to wait for it!
    Tricia, I'd love to learn it - sadly, I still practise patience ;)
    Al, if only it was a simple as a broken nose. We were half way home from school, my brother and I were playing "It", he was swinging his plastic bag to block my bid to overtake, and I accelerated into a concrete pole. Remember you're not allowed to talk to strangers? With blood pouring from a 4cm gash in the centre of the forehead, we ignored everyone who attempted to help as, working together, we staggered home. My Mum was paler than I was when we got through the door. However much blood you're imagining is probably not enough. Fracture... stitches... time off school :)... everything!
    Anne - I am finally passed the email checking. But when my mobile goes off I use my best telephone voice to answer - every time!
    Glynis - I'll wait a very long time for the right phone call ;)

  11. My dad has always said I have a problem with patience. Ironically, I chose to pursue a career in writing. Ha!

    They should call it patience instead of publishing.

  12. I have never been a patient person. It is a skill God seems determined to teach me, though! :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Hi Karen - seems like our fathers knew us so well. ;) Writing seems to be one third frantically throwing words at a page and two thirds cutting, re-wording or re-ordering them. And waiting.
    Hi Shannon as if family, work, the development of the writing, the publishing process and the cosmos aren't enough!
    Have a great weekend.

  14. I don't think anyone has ever mistaken me for a patient person. Not part of my personality ;)

  15. haHA!

    patience is the name of this game, love!


    hang in there :D


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  17. Sherrie you have me thinking: I wonder if impatience is part of the make-up of many writers? I've been recycling impatience into reading and avoiding anything that could cause bad luck!
    Tahereh :) Patience? With the handflapping stage hovering just out of reach? Also, shoes have been turning up in my dreams since your NYC post!

  18. Waiting is a crazy cycle that makes us all seem quite insane while each clicking of the clock passes by. One day you'll realize waiting and patience will pay off!

  19. Hi Jen - if it's a certainty then I do not mind the waiting, at all. ;)