Thursday, 22 April 2010


Guilt? I'm up to my neck in it already and now I've found one more reason to add to the angst: every time I turn on my computer I'm adding to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. But, I like the atmosphere - next to family and friends it is one of my absolute favourite things - how could I be so thoughtless?

I need to do something about my footprints, they're making a mess on the lush-life carpet surface - volcanic ash notwithstanding - of my planet. If visitors to my house treated my new (might I say, rather beautiful) carpets this badly I'd be mighty ticked-off yet I'm clod-hopping around my rather larger home. My carpets are insured, can't suppose the world would be quite that easy to find a replacement for! 

It seems there are panaceas available for the kind of guilt I'm feeling: there are projects around I could get involved in, supporting wind farms and  solar parks. That way I could contribute to keeping the great out doors, well, great. Also, the kind people at kaufda promised to plant a tree so I could turn my computer on with a clear conscience - phew! (They maybe better plant a few more than one.)

The trees will be planted by the Arbor Day Foundation - in Plumas' ? - fantastic.


  1. I've seen several blogs posting this - great idea! :-)

  2. I had fun but, at the most basic level there is not greater cause than the one that keeps the planet intact.