Thursday 8 April 2010

Diary of an Expat-teen

GEORGETOWN, Hot Guyana - not NEAR EDGWARE at the moment.

Diary and me... like company, only not.

This is April and I’m revising.

Really, would that be revising... for a change?

Me and revision ?


I’m not getting enough done. Chats to Ben and my girls are taking all the time I’m not spending with my trainer.

Manly, Masoud has been pushing me – he wants me to fly not run – but short distances, fast? That’s not me. I only feel like flying when the distance is long and I forget I’m on a machine with the air-conditioning making my hair stream out behind me, lol. I’m going to get it cut. Break Dad’s heart, again. Great. But it is so in the way!

Today – day 7 into the holiday – I’ve discovered I have to do something about learning enough to pass exams and everything. It’s important now because Mum said we may as well move home. Dad thinks everything is sorted at work: the situation no longer applies. So, we can move home!!!!!!!

Now work avoidance has been a bad, bad idea because Ife was going on about how Woodford College won’t take some students into the Sixth Form. They’ve been given targets to meet or it’s out on your feet. There are other schools in this locality and you may apply yourselves there if you do not wish to apply yourself here; I’m loving the Head teacher's little chat.

I made a timetable – good revision strategy.

I divided my life into 2 hour long blocks between 09:00 and 22:00 with an hour off for lunch and another off for dinner. That works out as 2 sessions in the morning-ish, then eat and watch-up on some TV, fast. Then two sessions in the afternoon and eat with parents if they're in, and available, followed by one more session before I’m allowed down to the gym.

I’m going to do subjects and stuff first block, Art until lunch – artist’s studies – back to other subjects for the next block with more coursework Art before dinner and lastly a bit more Art - the artwork I like. With my new plan running from today I might get all my Art done if not my running. I think I should have done more ART, already.

It’s not too late to do LOADS of work and get As with decorations, if I have A* everything no Headteacher's not going to want me.

I’m going to go back to Salters’ School, Woodford – Woodford School ,Woodford – Woodford College ; they made it sounds almost as grand as here; don't things change?!

Count down:
April, now; home in September – 5 months?! That’s a life time away; I’ll be my own grandkids by then. 167 days. : (  Could be worse; I want to go home.

How is my French sounding to you? I’ll go do some then.


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