Friday, 14 August 2009

Yeah... reading is the font of all knowledge - Reading is the source of much anticipation

There is nothing that cannot be solved by judicious reading and trial and error - it was a trial and I didn't make an error - my alter-ego and split personality has split - I've found out how to de-blog - phew!

But the edit is 30 pages from completion - I'm getting completion-phobic. Then there's JJ and Flower and Book 2 - a few other projects that are already started.

I love holidays - so much time to fill and no pressure - the wind up is about to begin though; time to get ready for the Reading Festival!


  1. Hi Laura

    I'll be reading by the weekend - honestly.

    I think the long summer holiday:
    a) was designed by farmers - masquerading as Members of Parliament - to make sure they had cheap labour in the early harvest time
    b) is much beloved by small children (and bigger ones)
    c) is dreaded by teachers who are always having to go back to square one in September
    e) is the main way to ensure one's sanity remains intact!

    16 weeks to the next one - shorter, but ... my colleague,Sally, will already know how many working days that is!