Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Twilight ... mentioned at the Writers' Circle

I know... what are the chances?

The visiting author mentioned how Steph Meyer is being sued - I know, total b****** - the April's Fools Day 'prank' !

I think this means her global domination is now truly complete though - custard creams and calumny!

Tis a daring thing I do here - risking admitting to a more than vague knowledge of the series but I'd have to be dead to not know they exist and stupid not to have made sure I'd read them.

There sure are no sparkily vampires here!


  1. Sued by whom? Not the person who 'paid homage' to her work I hope?

    Love the new pic at the top of your blog.

  2. Staying the right side of all laws and commandments - her website in 'April' has her disclaimer.

    Glad you love the new pictures - I tried hard to credit and link the images.

    You can see why with such raw material the book seemed more a joy and less at task at 2 am. The little one is exactly how the 'sliver of woodland that had, somehow, been protected when the trees were ripped from the heart of the countryside'...looked!