Wednesday, 12 August 2009

So, if I can learn to add all this why... oh why... can't I stop stalking me?

I've been having fun adding elements to the blog - now that I've found out how to do it.

However, I have stressed - been depressed - by my inability to stop stalking myself. You know how it goes, you intend to click to find out the fascinating details about the people who have stopped by and taken up residence when you hit the wrong place - no wandering off to pastures new just lurking with the one you knew - oh, well!

I'd ask for advice but I'd have more luck reading literature in French or German than translating from techno-speak.

Could be worse - I could've set off to pick up the cherub from Stanstead Airport - turned off for Stanstead seen signs for Gatwick and panicked. I do it all the time viz Stanmore verses Edgware tube station - but they're only 5 minutes apart.

McDonalds - I love them and all who work for them - I called at Epping - full of panic... 'cos it could have been the other one and the road works were manic - they let me use their phone (Why would you pick that up on the way out to pick someone up from the airport?!) - and gave me a coffee - and waved me off. CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I wasn't even a customer.

Must remember to pay attention to where I'm going - Jess (Near Edgware) says it's always a good idea - and she ought to know!

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