Sunday 11 September 2011


Six sentences for Sunday :) This is the shortest kind of post.
When I started working on writing in a more minimalistic style I decided to write a different story. It seemed more sensible than changing my wip half way through.

I'm in Chapter 4 (CHIPS WITH EVERYTHING) of my Sci-fi MG and loving it :) 

Mortimer makes a friend, handy when he has just made an enemy too.

Mortimer looked at the other boy. He wore the same pale pink synthetic suit Mortimer had seen on all the pupils in the facility. Tucked into black boots, belted at the waist and with a tight roll at the neck, the suit made even the thinnest wearer look like a string of sausages. This boy was no chipolata.
                 “My name is Fortinbras,” he said.
                Mortimer could see that he might have to.


  1. I love the reference to a string of sausages.
    Though I hope you don't mind me saying there seem to be too many 'Mortimer's' in this extract.

  2. Hi Madeline
    Poor Fortinbras, I don't think anyone is supposed to look good in that suit ;)
    Mortimer is definitely multiplying. The problem with having two boys in the same sentence is the MC's moniker is always going to be there.

  3. I like this! I love who you are posting little excerpts.

    I want to let you know that I have a blog award for you over on my blog.

  4. Hi Maeve
    Thank you I love kind words and awards too. :)