Tuesday 6 September 2011



I love September, it's the time of mellow fruitfulness and the new school year. 

Don't you love school? I think it's great! School is the one place the kids can go... even when it's raining ;)

The good news is I have, finally, proved to my partner that he spends more time running his football (soccer) club than I do on the various essentials involved in my writing.

Now the bet has been won, and the pattern of my life has resumed, I will be able to write my blog posts. During the weeks I was unable to post regularly, I realised how much time I have been spending on the blog - oops *blushes ;)

Paying more attention to my work, family, and life balance, I will be posting on this blog on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Now I’m sleeping more regularly, I’ve taken to waking up with ideas that seem totally inspired. Depending on how quickly it disappears, I write down the idea, character, setting, phrase or word, convinced that in the morning I will be able to conjure them into fully-original masterpieces.

What usually happens is in the brighter light of morning my incoherent scribbles couldn’t translate into a word document let alone a Carnegie/Greenaway Medal.

Even more frustrating is when the scribbled almost-something blurs to the point where I can’t recognise it any more.

Creativity is hard to capture between commas and the odd full-stop. It is not logical, uncontrollable and wilful it hates to be tamed.

When I write, I want to see the page invaded by dramas of soap-opera dimensions – long lost family members, life-and-death situations, aliens and the paranormal.

What do you want to write?


  1. I want to write things that make others see how similar we all are, even when the differences are glaringly obvious. It's a dream, and will most likely appeal to those who already think that way.

  2. Hi Will
    I like your aim. I hope it one of the dreams that do come true.

  3. Coming by to read your post.. hope you will achieve what you want..

  4. Oh, how school does bring structure to my days though I do love having them around! ;)

    I came across this really cool story sketch I had stashed. It's funny how my jaw dropped after I read it! Lol. I want to coauth with my teengirl, but right now I'm pantsing Darkspell's sequel. Such a challenge really, since I hadn't planned on one! :O


    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?

    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  5. Isn't it amazing how sleep spurs our creativity :)

  6. Well our school break is over Dec/Jan, but that isn't such a good time to write as it's just too hot! The beach calls.

    I like to write about gutsy women whether of this world, the next, or an invented world.


  7. I like to write about characters that appeal to everyone. I pulled off the highway once because an idea hit me while listening to the radio. I managed to get a good part of the plot put down, but had to sacrifice characters. Its still sitting in a box, but at least I have it to work with someday.

    Elaine, you just need to practice reading your own chicken scratch :) I'm sure all the ideas are genius.


  8. Hi Renaclaire
    You are very welcome.
    Thanks for your good wishes :)

    Hi Elizabeth
    Good luck with Darkspell.
    I love the structure of the days once the children are back in school.

    Hi Lynda
    I love sleep - I'm learning to embrace it more ;)

    Hi Denise
    I love reading about brave and determined women too :)

    Hi Donna
    Thanks *blushes
    I hope you find the time to do justice to your idea. Anything that makes you pull in off the highway has to be a great idea.