Wednesday, 29 June 2011


There is a post missing. Strike me, that doesn't happen very often.  

What happened to the regular posting schedule?

My eighteen year-old arrived back from Uni last Friday. From the look of her room, the landing and the spare room, she brought the whole of Manchester with her. 

My Minnow is the sloth that lives on the top of whatever is lying around in her room. From a Health and Safety perspective, I didn't want to be handing out crampons to everyone who wanted to negotiate the landing.

I called a breakfast meeting at McDonalds - crafty ;) - once she decided it was her idea to life-launder, we spent the day discussing the relative merits of multiple pairs of black heals and capsule wardrobes.

We noticed the thunder and lightning and the torrential rain - it made the perfect backdrop to endless clothes handling, folding and hanging.

Hours later...

To celebrate the six bags of shoes and clothes that made it to the charity shop we went to Starbucks - sandwiching the miserable day with her two favourite things ;) 


When we arrived at Starbucks some customers were sitting cherishing their mugs of coffee and everything seemed normal but dim.

The cheery assistant informed us they had experienced a powercut... the storm--don't-ya-know.

So we waited. We couldn't leave, we'd taken orders from the family... we would wait.

We chatted.

We couldn't leave because the coffee wouldn't be long.

We couldn't leave because we'd waited too long for the coffee.

We left coffeeless.

I hadn't written the post--blast!


  1. Sometimes life throws curve balls.

  2. Don't you love it when you've waited too long to not wait longer?