Monday, 27 June 2011


The first ever online literary festival that is taking place 'virtually' over at the Awfully Big Blog Adventure Blog on the 9th and 10th of July.

The posts are always informative and insightful on the Awfully Big Blog Adventure, for two days they are going to be awesome.

The ABBA Litfest is going to be hosted by a raft great authors. Liz Kessler, Lucy Coats, Andrew Strong and Celia Rees are some of the fantastic children's authors who will be posting.

They have a hectic schedule planned: new posts every half hour. 

Vlogs and interviews will be featured during the virtual literary festival. 

There will be GIVEAWAYS too. :D

Click here for more information.

The Twitter hashtag is #ABBAlitfest, follow to keep up with the content.

Friend the Facebook page too.

An open access literary festival on 9th and 10th of July? I know where I'm going to be.


  1. Thanks, Elaine. You're a star for posting this!
    Lucy Coats at ABBAlitfest

  2. Hi Lucy
    Not a problem. I can't wait for the ABBA virtual Litfest :)

  3. Ooh! This is so cool! My one dream is to write children's fiction one day. I don't have the foggiest how to do it, however. I will definitely take a look. Maybe I'll learn something.