Thursday, 9 June 2011


I'm not saying it's dull... but it's dinner.

No. Big Mother is not watching while I dig into the main course of my writing.
Surely, there's no reason why I can’t slurp on over to the tastiest morsels: the test, trials and the unfolding of Lucas?
What’s stopping me from pushing aside the smooth set up
I want pudding and the cherry on the top.
I've got too many responsibilities and far too many distractions at the moment. If I was writing the juicy, cram it all in sections, I don’t think I’d notice anything but the expanding word count.
I can’t wait to finish and be able to sit back, print a feast of paper, and relish the finalised first draft.
Some one tell me to leave off gnawing on the bones and go and indulge ;) 


  1. Indulge. Why else do we write? You will feel like writing the rest soon enough.

  2. Hi GE
    :D Thanks
    I love the idea of tucking in; the drama is delicious ;)

    Hi Jarmara
    Such an exciting idea. Going for the treats and then winding up the rest like useful forks of spaghetti.

    Hi Theresa
    I can't wait to get to the exciting section but I'm worried the wind up may turn out like a zip ;)